A 59′ reach bucket truck with a NO-CDL chassis!

We’re thrilled to announce the arrival of our DPM2-52 aerial lift. No CDL required! Find out why this 22000 GVWR bucket truck is a new customer favorite. This ultimate combo creates a unit that is compact in size but not in reach. It’s a new favorite for those in the electric utility industry.

Dur-A-Lift, a leading manufacturer of truck-mounted aerial lifts, is thrilled to announce the arrival of our latest customer favorite: the DPM2-52 bucket truck. Designed with versatility and efficiency in mind, this model has quickly become a top choice for businesses across various industries.

The DPM2-52 stands out as a unique option for those seeking a mid-size chassis bucket truck with maximum reach. Boasting a range of remarkable features, it delivers exceptional performance while providing unmatched convenience and flexibility. We understand that businesses often face challenges when it comes to recruiting operators with commercial driver’s licenses (CDL). To address this concern, we have designed the DPM2-52 in a way that eliminates the need for a CDL without sacrificing any working height. With up to 59 feet of reach, this truck enables more operators to effortlessly complete tasks that were previously out of reach.

Key Features of the DPM2-52 Bucket Truck:

  • Mid-Size Chassis: The DPM2-52 is built on a mid-size chassis, offering enhanced maneuverability and versatility in a wide range of job sites and environments.
  • Impressive Reach: With a maximum working height of 59 feet, the DPM2-52 ensures access to elevated areas that were once challenging to reach.
  • No CDL Required: Operating the DPM2-52 doesn’t necessitate a commercial driver’s license, simplifying hiring processes and reducing operational barriers.
  • Enhanced Safety Features: Equipped with state-of-the-art safety mechanisms, the DPM2-52 prioritizes operator security, ensuring peace of mind during every use.

We are confident that the DPM2-52 will become an invaluable asset to your businesses. Its compact design, impressive reach, and non-CDL requirement make it an ideal choice for both established companies and startups looking to expand their capabilities.

Let’s see the product overview:

  • Telescopic articulating, material handling
  • Top-mounted jib/winch, lifts up to 1000#
  • Insulated or non-insulated (DPM2 – insulated (Category C or D), DPM2S – non-insulated)
  • Fiberglass or aluminum basket
  • 2 basket size options (Single Person, Material Handling (24″x30″ basket), Dual configuration: Dual Person OR Single Person, Material Handling (24″x42″ basket))
  • 180-degree basket rotator
  • Basket elevator option
  • Max working height range: 59′
  • Max side reach range:  31′ 6″

All models can be equipped with an MH, DU, or DP basket in fiberglass or aluminum. The DPM2’s negative boom angle not only allows you to access the basket from ground level but also allows for convenient access to the storage compartments without leaving the basket.

Aerial options:

  • High electrical resistant controls
  • Outriggers
  • Basket liner for fiberglass baskets
  • Fiberglass main and articulating booms
  • Tool circuits
  • D.C. backup system
  • Aluminum or fiberglass basket
  • 22” basket elevator
  • Non-insulated version available
  • 110v outlet at basket (non-insulated only)

Follow this link to find more 59′ reach buckets with other No CDL truck configurations: https://www.truckmaxhomestead.com/trucks-for-sale?q=dpm2-52

Dur-A-Lift is a leading manufacturer of truck-mounted aerial lifts, better known as a bucket truck, since 1969. At TruckMax, we are official dealers for Dur-A-Lift, serving customers nationwide. We are ready to assist you in finding the right bucket truck to help you get the job done. If you are looking for durability and dependability—you can count on TruckMax.

Contact us to ask about available chassis, body, basket, tail shelf, and accessory options to build the perfect bucket truck for your needs, or find it among our extensive inventory. Click here to view DPM2 builds, or click request a quote to get started.

Truck AC repair

Truck AC problems and causes.

With high temperatures in the summer season, AC is essential for staying cool inside of the truck during these months. The air conditioning system of a commercial truck plays a vital role in maintaining the driver’s comfort, especially during long journeys. However, like any other mechanical system, the air conditioning system is susceptible to malfunctions. That’s why the importance of learning to recognize the truck ac problems and causes.

The most common AC problem in medium and heavy-duty trucks is blowing hot air. Several factors, such as a malfunctioning compressor, low refrigerant levels, or a clogged condenser, can cause this problem. A faulty compressor is the most common cause of hot air blowing.

Common truck A/C problems.

Blowing Hot Air causes:

  • Malfunctioning compressor.
  • Low refrigerant levels.
  • Clogged condenser.

Weak Airflow causes:

  • A clogged air filter.
  • Malfunctioning blower motor.
  • Faulty AC fan.

Unusual Noises causes:

  • Worn-out compressor.
  • Faulty blower motor.
  • A loose belt.

Foul Odors causes:

  • Dirty air filter.
  • Mold or mildew growth.
  • A clogged evaporator drain.

Preventing truck AC problems.

Prevention is always better than cure, and this applies to semi-truck AC problems as well. Regular maintenance can help prevent AC problems and prolong the life of the AC system. 

Here are some tips to prevent semi-truck AC issues you can always avoid with a regular preventive maintenance:

  • Change the air filter regularly. A dirty air filter can reduce airflow and produce foul odors.
  • Check the refrigerant levels regularly. Low refrigerant levels can cause hot air to blow.
  • Keep the condenser clean. A clogged condenser can cause hot air to blow.
  • Inspect the compressor, blower motor, and AC fan regularly. Worn-out or faulty components can cause unusual noises and weak airflow.

Problems with the truck AC system can be frustrating and costly. However, it’s very good to learn and understand the common problems and their causes, for you to take the necessary steps to prevent them. Regular maintenance is key to preventing AC problems and prolonging the life of the AC and truck electrical system. Contact us, to schedule an AC diagnostic or to simply help you solve any emergency with your truck AC system.

Knowing the truck suspension system

When it comes to medium-duty and heavy-duty trucks, the truck suspension system is key. It helps support the different operations the truck performs.

Truck suspensions are also crucial for providing stability on the road. Since these vehicles are heavier and might also be carrying additional weight, the suspension must be able to assist with handling uneven roads. The suspension also helps prevent trucks from tipping.

The suspension also needs to help cushion the ride, so the load and truck remains protected from bumps and road imperfections, also improving driver comfort. It allows the tires and axles of the truck to move independently from one another, instead of the axle being attached to the frame directly.

Air suspension system

Types of Truck Suspensions

There are two main types of truck suspensions to choose from: leaf spring and air ride. Each systems comes with its own set of pros and cons that you need to consider when choosing the right suspension system for your truck.

Leaf Spring Suspensions

This suspension system is made up of steel leaves attached to the trailer’s frame to help it adjust to shocks from the road. The steel leaves are made up of several layers of flexible steel strips that form an arc shape with the longest layer at the top and subsequently shorter layers after that.

This system come with tons of advantages for trucks, including:

· Lower upfront purchasing and installation costs.

· Lower maintenance costs, especially within the first six to seven years of ownership.

· Longer lifespan requires less frequent replacement, which can be costly.

· Lighter loads to further cut down on costs when hauling a high volume of heavy loads.

At the same time, leaf spring suspension systems also come with a few disadvantages that you need to consider, including:

· Less functionality when it comes to less-than-truckload shipments may result in a rough and bumpy ride.

· Less resale value if you go to sell a trailer with a leaf spring suspension system.

· More exposed parts that are at a greater risk of rusting, corroding, and wearing down.

spring suspension or leaf suspension system

Air Ride Suspensions

This suspension system comprises air-based components like valves, airlines, and air springs bags instead of metal-based components like steel leaves. These components are then powered by an electric pump or compressor that pumps air into the valves, lines, and air bags or air springs.

Since air ride suspension systems are considered more modern and advanced than leaf spring, they come with a unique set of advantages, including:

· Smoother ride for both the driver and the trailer.

· Longer trailer lifespan since the trailer takes on less vibration.

· Safer transport of fragile goods since there’s less movement and vibration in the trailer.

Even though air ride suspension systems tend to be more advanced than the alternative, they still come with some drawbacks, including:

· Higher costs — both upfront for purchase and installation and for maintenance throughout the years.

· More breakdowns are repairs are needed for air ride suspension systems.

· Heavier weight on the trailer can impact fuel efficiency and may require more fuel overheads.

Air suspension system

Truck Suspension components

Your truck’s suspension system comprises several different components. It’s important to identify these different components and how they contribute to the overall suspension system. Here’s a quick rundown to help:

Springs: The springs are one of the most important components of a truck’s suspension system. Springs are flexible and can help the truck adjust to the road so that the driver and the cargo don’t feel as much impact from bumps or holes in the road.

Wheels and tires: The wheels and tires are also important components of a truck’s suspension system, and the tires are the only components to touch the road as the vehicle is driving. As a result, the wheels and tires incur most of the impact of the road.

Shock absorbers: Shock absorbers help the springs adjust to bumps and holes in the road. The springs would cause the truck to bounce up and down without shock absorbers after sustaining an impact. With shock absorbers, the springs are supported and stay relatively stable.

Rods and linkages: Rods and linkages are designed to connect the different components of the suspension system.

Bushings, bearings, joints, and arms: Bushings, bearings, joints, and arms are designed to keep the linkages connected to the bigger components of the suspension system. They are also designed to help certain components slide and twist when absorbing impact and adjusting to the road.

Torsion bar suspension: Torsion bar suspensions feature a narrow steel tube attached to the wishbone of a vehicle that twists around its axis. The tube is also attached on one end to the chassis, and this end does not twist. If a wheel hits a bump, tension gets created when the tube twists. After a bump, the steel unwinds and pushes the wheel down again.

Coil spring suspension: A coil spring suspension is a common system that is found in the front and back of many vehicles and in the front of some trucks. These systems feature springs that are spiraled and allow for flexibility in the form of bending and twisting. They are the most versatile system.

Truck rear suspension: The most common tendence was to install leaf suspension systems on the rear of pickup trucks, coil spring suspension systems installed on the rear of vehicles became popular when Dodge introduced them on their 2009 Ram 1500s. These systems combine a lot of weight-bearing capability with comfort.

Suspension Needs to Be Replaced

There are several signs that can indicate wear and tear on a truck’s suspension system. Even with proper maintenance, suspension systems don’t last forever and will eventually need to be replaced. Here are some signs that your suspension system needs to be replaced:

Bumpy rides: An increase in bumpiness and shaking on the road can mean there’s damage to the struts or other parts of the suspension.

Uneven tire wear: Suspension issues can cause uneven impact on your vehicle, causing irregular tire wear and tear.

Rocking or unstable body: Noticing your truck rocking forward, backward, or sideways when stopping or turning can be a sign of a suspension that is unable to properly stabilize motion.

Lowered vehicle: If you notice a sunken frame or your truck leaning to one side or the other when it’s parked, there could be damage to the suspension.

Leaking oil: Finding leaking oil on the shocks of your truck can be an indicator they are worn or damaged and need to be replaced.

Suspension Maintenance

No matter what type of suspension system you have, you need to ensure proper function. Schedule a preventive maintenance at any TruckMax location which is the key to maintain your suspension system and prolong its lifespan:

• Thoroughly inspect the inflation levels and tread depth of your tires every 1,000 to 3,000 miles for any signs of irregular deflation or wear that may be related to the suspension system.

• Rotate and balance your tires every 20,000 to 30,000 miles, keeping in mind that tractor tires may require more care and attention than trailer tires.

• Have your wheels aligned every 50,000 to 60,000 miles and thoroughly inspect the condition of your suspension system.

• Check the levels of your power steering fluid at every oil change, which should be around every 25,000 miles.

Be sure to take your truck to our trained diesel technician, who has the expertise to diagnose and repair suspension issues. This, along with the right replacement suspension parts will ensure your truck is riding properly and that you remain safe on the road. Contact us for your truck suspension parts!

Reading Truck Bodies

Reading Truck Bodies are built around the only thing that matters, customers. Each one is designed knowing just what customers need to work better than ever. Reading Truck bodies have been building long-lasting, durable truck bodies for 65 years with craftsmanship, innovative thinking, and lots of pride. Also, customers can take pride in what they do too.

You can find a great selection of service bodies, enclosed bodies, crane bodies, landscapers and dump bodies, hauler, and platform bodies (flatbed) and contractor bodies.

Reading Truck Bodies lineup:


Classic II aluminum service body: One body that delivers so many benefits including superior fuel economy, increased payload, and unmatched corrosion resistance. A true classic that’s sure to save you money and time. Learn more at Reading Truck Bodies.

Classic II steel service body: Get the durability and strength of premium steel to take on the toughest jobs. Our innovative locking system and an abundance of storage secures and organizes your tools. Built to last for the long haul. Learn more at Reading Truck Bodies.

SL service body: A rugged workhorse built with exceptional craftsmanship and premium materials. Get more body for your money with a long list of standard features. Resists rust and corrosion for year after year of dependable service. Learn more at Reading Truck Bodies.

Mechanic service body series: For mechanics who work in the most demanding jobsites and need something other than the typical service body. Loaded with impressive standard features including a heavy-duty ladder-frame understructure. Learn more at Reading Truck Bodies.


These bodies practically put a roof on your mobile workshop. Have more storage, more ways to work and more security for tools and equipment. Enjoy long-lasting durability thanks to our legendary craftsmanship.

Aluminum enclosed bodies for van and low cab forward chassis – classic service van: It’s 50% lighter than comparably sized steel vans and delivers money-saving fuel economy with increased payload. The enclosed space offers excellent security for your valuables while innovative storage keeps you organized. Learn more at Reading truck Bodies.

Steel enclosed bodies for van and low cab forward chassis – ready van SL: Enjoy a generous workspace with bright compartment lighting and ample weathertight outside storage. Made from long-lasting heavy duty galvannealed steel covered by an industry-leading 6-year warranty. Learn more at Reading truck Bodies.

Enclosed bodies for truck chassis: Designed around your needs and built with legendary craftsmanship. Our enclosed body offers protected workspace, carries more payload, organizes your tools and equipment better and works with chassis up to Class 5. Learn more at Reading truck Bodies.

CRANE BODIES are made to tackle the harshest environments and conquer the most challenging jobs. Our innovative crane bodies are designed to provide unsurpassed power, productivity, and safety.

20-Series crane body: Presenting the latest evolution in our 4 decades of creating crane bodies. Designed for cranes up to 4,000 lbs. You’ll have heavy-duty lifting capability in a weight efficient package for efficient operation. Learn more at Reading truck Bodies.

25-Series crane body: Built to accommodate a 5,000 lb. crane and ready to conquer harsh environments and demanding jobs with safety and ease. You’ll find plenty of standard features for working more productively than ever. Learn more at Reading truck Bodies.

RM-45 crane body: Our most innovative crane body helps you work with more safety and efficiency than ever. A torsion box understructure enables a powerful 45,000 pound-foot rating at 100% throughout the lifting zone. Learn more at Reading truck Bodies.

RM-78 crane body: Our most innovative crane body is built on a next generation torsion box understructure that delivers a powerful 78,000 pound-feet of lift and features an easy-to-upfit design. Learn more at Reading truck Bodies.

LANDSCAPER & DUMP BODIES are ideal for construction, landscape, and handling chores around a nursery. Made to travel the toughest terrain and to safely load and unload payload, these bodies drive your business forward.

Marauder dump body: This type of body Haul the maximum payload in the most affordable way while boosting fuel economy. A heavy-duty understructure, rugged steel floor and sidewall construction provide long-lasting durability for working in rugged jobsites. Learn more at Reading truck Bodies.

Marauder SL dump body: Haul the maximum payload in the most affordable way while boosting fuel economy. A heavy-duty understructure, rugged steel floor and sidewall construction provide long-lasting durability for working in rugged jobsites. Learn more at Reading truck Bodies.

Landscaper SL: Get the long-lasting durability you need to work in harsh terrain and perfect for hauling loose, bulk, or skidded materials. Available in 9′ and 12′ models. Learn more at Reading truck Bodies.

HAULER & PLATFORM BODIES move tools, equipment, and bulk materials easily and safely. You can customize our stake bed and platform bodies in a variety of ways to fit the way you work. Learn more at Reading truck Bodies.

REDI-DEK hauler body: Haul just about anything on a strong, sturdy platform. With tie-down rails, a slotted bulkhead and a treadplate floor all made from durable powder-coated steel, you’ll get years and years of dependable service. Learn more at Reading truck Bodies.

Platform bodies: Ideal for hauling bulk materials and pallets, it features a large, open platform built from steel for strength and long-lasting durability Quick release steel stake rack sets allow for easy loading and unloading. Learn more at Reading truck Bodies.

CONTRACTOR BODIES put together Reading Truck Bodies engineering expertise and customers feedback to deliver a truck body that is built to withstand the toughest conditions. It is ready to perform with its customizable design and workspace so you can work the way you want. Learn more at Reading truck Bodies.

With all that said, you can be assured that we can manage to build any truck body meeting your business needs. That’s why at TruckMax, we are a proud Reading Truck Bodies dealership. And proud of how, our +25-year of experience team in the commercial truck business, can build a truck that work as hard as you do. Contact us today!


Donkey truck mounted forklifts

Donkey Forklifts are the lightest, fastest, most versatile forklift in the industry. More than 1,500 lbs lighter. Over 5 miles per hour faster. Variable load spacing. Two deep stacking. Donkey Glide System®. Available in gas or diesel. Made in the USA.

The Donkey 3K “Burro” with 3,000 lbs. capacity is better than an all-terrain pallet jack and is also your best solution for smaller jobs. The Donkey 4K model is affordable and lightweight with a lifting capacity of 3,000-4000 pounds and is the lightest ride-on unit in the Donkey line up. The 4K low profile adds value where other forklifts can’t. The 4.5K model has standard features that include side shift, strobe light, smart backup alarm, and corrosion resistant features. And the 5K and 5.5K models has the power and durability for the heaviest loads.


We believe safety and efficiency go hand in hand. While other companies charge thousands of extra dollars for the safety of curb side loading and unloading, Donkey delivers yet again in its long line of industry leading standard features.


Not only are Donkey Forklifts pound for pound the strongest forklifts in the World, but when it comes to stability and safety, Donkey “sets the standard” in the truck mounted forklift industry.


If there is one thing, we at Donkey have learned after 25 years in the truck mounted forklift business it’s that ground pressure matters.


Designed with comfort in mind, each Donkey forklift comes standard with the industry’s only shock absorbing, low impact, seat suspension. Donkey’s industry leading 4.5 cubic feet of leg room gives the operator free range of motion to control the lift without being hindered in any way.


Making money is more than just selling products. At Donkey we understand that it’s the cost of delivering those products to consumers that will determine your true profits. Donkey truck mounted single axle solution requires No CDL driver, provides lower chassis costs, better fuel efficiency, and more.


Make the most of your money by increasing your payload, enhancing fuel efficiency, and lowering maintenance costs.

Donkey forklifts are now available in Florida. You can buy any model with lifting capacities from 3,000 lbs. up to 5,500 lbs. at TruckMax. Contact us to learn more about all available models.

Mechanic service truck accessories

Service truck accessories for every duty.

At TruckMax we stock Stellar’s full line of service truck accessories that are the most dependable, most rugged and trouble-free products available in the market today. These accessories are built to the highest standards demanded: Tool box systems, Air compressors, Power Units and Lube Skids.

Tool box systems
Service truck toolbox systems are built extra tough to withstand abuse. We’re so confident in the durability of these drawers that we offer a full lifetime warranty on the slides and hardware. 500 lb. slide sets are used across the entire size range of drawers to insure a solid, durable platform to carry your tools and components. From new easy-to-use pull handles to a range of configurations, American Eagle Drawer Systems have you covered.

• All drawer widths in the product line utilize our unique key locking “T” handle. This feature provides a one-handed operation and conceals the latch mechanism for heavy-duty protection and an attractive appearance.
• All the drawer fronts on the assemblies are given a textured gray powder coat finish.
• The metal edges of the drawers, and the top shelf, are hemmed for added strength and safety.
• The side panels have a standard 2.50” riser built into them with mounting slots pre-punched.
• The top shelf is included with all drawer units and is designed to telescope out 5.5” on each side of the drawer set. In most installations this will provide a full shelf in the body compartment and give solid reinforcement.
• The individual drawers are easily removed from the set providing a unique feature that will assist your installation. This feature may also be convenient if you need to move items closer to the job or retrieve a lost tool.
• Each drawer in the set is provided with front-to-back dividers and are punched on 2” centers for divider installation.
• Drawer systems are custom-made to your specifications. Each drawer system is engineered to fit your truck’s compartment and configured with the drawer sizes that will work best for you.

We have the Heavy-Duty Steel Drawer System, Heavy-Duty Aluminum Drawer System and the Lightweight Aluminum Drawer System with optional features as custom colors, egg crate dividers, non-slip drawer liner, oil filter/drain drawer and the drawer light bar.

Air compressors
Stellar describes it’s air compressor line by using words like performance, durability, reliability and ease of maintenance. By starting with the most durable compressor pumps available, we use state of the art technology to design a complete reliable system.

At TruckMax we can help you select the best fit for your business, either a Single-Stage Piston Air Compressor, Two-Stage Piston Air Compressor, Rotary Screw Air Compressor or an Air Compressor Pump.
Single-Stage Piston Air Compressors: Direct-drive, no belts to break or adjust. Cast iron crankcase and cylinder heads for durability
Two-Stage Piston Air Compressors: Cast-iron, one piece cylinder and head design – no head gaskets to fail
Rotary Screw Air Compressors: Air on-demand as required. 100% duty cycle rated for continuous use
Air Compressor Pumps: Single-stage air compressor pumps

Power Units
From integrated power systems to the revolutionary 100% emission-free Hybrid Power Source, Stellar has everything you need to power productivity.

American Eagle® Hybrid Power Source, the FIRST OF ITS KIND IN THE SERVICE TRUCK INDUSTRY.

With an automotive-grade Li-NMC battery, the HPS provides a 100% emission-free low voltage power source to operate your hydraulic needs. The integrated, dual hydraulic power unit will supply hours of quiet operation on a single charge. Nonetheless if the batteries reach a need for charging while on the jobsite the system equipped with a 48V alternator on the chassis to provide rapid recharge on the go.

EnPak® Power System
A revolutionary, fully-integrated power system for work trucks. EnPak combines a rotary-screw air compressor, hydraulic pump, generator and diesel engine.

EnPak® equipment are the exact match for mechanic service companies looking to take idle time off their trucks, and insist on the most trusted and highest quality products. These all-in-one equipment options can be integrated into their fleet to deliver more capabilities in service truck configurations Class 3 and over.

Some of the available features depending the power source type are: Air compressor, Generator power, Battery charge/crank assist, Hydraulic pump, Welder with multi-process capabilities, Chassis power, Auto-Speed™ technology, Auto start/stop, Turbocharged engine, CAN bus connectivity, and/or Remote panels.

Looking for service truck accessories parts? Visit https://www.commercialtruckpartsonline.com/miller-welders-parts

Miller Welders Parts and EnPak parts
Miller Welders Parts and EnPak parts

Lube Skids

Turn your service truck into a lube truck with a LubeMate® Lube Skid. Offering mobile or permanent-mount lube skids or a custom lube trailer, reduce costly downtime by servicing equipment according to maintenance schedules without the need for a dedicated lube truck. All units come complete with hardware to mount and plumb.

If you are looking to upgrade your utility truck with any service designed accessories, to meet the highest working standards, do not hesitate to contact us.
Truck Filtration

Filtration Solutions for commercial trucks.

Commercial truck filtration is easy to take for granted. Best-working filters keep engine and cab air clean. Allowing both the driver and the diesel powerhouse to breathe deep. While filters become more efficient overtime, they reach a tipping point when they need some truck maintenance. When performing maintenance, it’s very important to replace filters with a brand new one.

A good filtration protect customers’ engines and mobile equipment, from first to last use, through innovative filtration solutions. It keep commercial engines running at peak capacity. With filters, coolants and fuel additives that increase uptime, reduce costs and leave a light footprint on the environment.

TruckMax Parts department offers superb product quality, and the industry’s broadest product line. A comprehensive portfolio of filtration products and technologies. Providing customers a single streamlined source for all their engine and mobile filtration needs.

TruckMax carry filtration for Hino TrucksIsuzu TrucksVolvo TrucksCummins Engines, and Mitsubishi Fuso Trucks. You can find the best selection of filtration for your commercial truck air, cooling, fuel, hydraulic, lube and transmission systems. Along with our other filtration products for any truck make. Finding the Right Filters is Easier than Easy.

Hino Truck filters.

Fleetguard Filters continually develop, refined and improved their products by Cummins research and engineering teams worldwide. Cummins filters produces truck air, cooling, fuel, hydraulic, lube and transmission systems, along with other filtration products.

Fleetguard filters.

Donaldson Engine Filters & Parts. Deliver a full line of aftermarket fuel, lube, coolant and air intake filters for diesel engines, hydraulic and bulk tank filtration. Plus exhaust system components.

Baldwin Filters is a global provider of filtration products and services.

Isuzu FleetValue Filters. As a second line parts supplied only through authorized Isuzu truck dealerships, are designed with the primary focus being: low cost of ownership, safe operation of your trucks, and superior quality. FleetValue Filters are designed and built to ensure your truck runs at its peak performance and stays on the road longer.

Whatever tough challenges you face, with TruckMax filtration you will find efficient and real solution. TruckMax has what it takes to be your one-source filter provider to keep your equipment running and your job on schedule.

For more info on TruckMax filters visit or contact us through our website.

Forestry Trucks

Dur-A-Lift urban forestry units

Dur-A-Lift’s Urban Forestry Unit at TruckMax comes in several sizes, making it the ideal option for those in the tree care industry. Pick between several aerials, featuring max working heights that range from 45 to 59 feet. Pair that with a marine-grade, aluminum chipper box that is available in three sizes; and add in a chassis to complete the package.



Added reach & load capacity
Working height up to 59’; side reach to 31’6”
11’9” aluminum chipper box
Compact unit with a big reach
Under CDL options
Working height up to 50’; side reach 30’
7’6” & 9’9” aluminum chipper box options

Proportional controls; lower override controls; engine start/stop from basket; basket access from ground; compensated upper boom; insulated models available in category C or D; hydraulic basket leveling; continuous rotation; joystick and lockout controls; 180º basket rotator; 24”x 42” fiberglass basket, 600# capacity
Controls: Proportional controls; lower controls with override located at the turntable; engine start/stop from the basket; individual control levers
Hydraulic System: Rated pressure is 2200 PSI; operating pressure is 2000 PSI; open center hydraulic system; 180º rotating basket
Mechanical System: Telescoping and articulating boom action; offset main boom reduces travel height; shear ball rotation driven; fully enclosed worm gear box; non-continuous rotation; insulated extension boom 46 kV (DTAX2); 24” x 24” basket, 350# capacity; 110V outlet at upper controls (DTAX2S).


High electrical resistant controls; outriggers; basket liner for fiberglass baskets; fiberglass main and articulating booms; tool circuits; D.C. backup system; 22” basket elevator; non-insulated versions available (DPM2S); 110 v outlet at basket (non-insulated only).
Single hand joystick upper control; outrigger or torsion bars; 12 volt DC backup; fixed basket position (side or end); basket offered in various sizes and configurations; basket liner 50 kV (DTAX2); main boom fiberglass insert (DTAX2); chassis isolator art boom fiberglass insert (DTAX2); continuous rotation; tool trays of various sizes; basket and control cover; upper and lower hydraulic tool circuits; lower stow/dump control; special paint color.

Single swing rear gate with robust latch; pruning compartment; superior top ventilation; cross box for pole saws; marine grade aluminum; separate compartment for ropes; shovel & ladder compartment; Oval flashers front and rear; option for additional compartments under chipper body.

The Urban Forestry Package is available in insulated (Cat. C or D) or non-insulated formats. Full pressure controls.
Insulated: DPM2-52DP, DTAX2-45, DTAX2-40
Non-insulated: DPM2S-52DP, DTAX2S-45, DTAX2S-40

Ford F-750 SUper Duty Dur-A-Lift DPM2-52DP 59′ Forestry Bucket Truck.

Aerial: Dur-A-Lift DPM2-52DP
Chassis: Ford F-750
Body: Voth Chipper Body, 11’9″
Additional Specs: Dur-A-Lift DPM2-52DP aerial; insulated, Category D; working height up to 59’, side reach to 31’6”; 24″x30″ fiberglass basket; 11’9” aluminum chipper box from Voth Truck Bodies with crossbox and toolbox compartments; Ford F-750 chassis, diesel, regular cab, 33,000 GVWR; 12’4″ stowed travel height.

Visit or contact us to learn more about our forestry bucket truck inventory. We can build these equipment on a new Ford, Dodge RAM, International, Freightliner, or any other matching commercial truck chassis.

Landscape dump trucks

Landscape Trucks built tough

Being in the landscape business comes with many challenges. Since you will be required to travel to your customers with all the tools and equipment needed. You should make sure that you have the right type of truck to assist you with getting everything needed from one location to the next. Yet if you primarily do installations, you could be carrying tons of paving stones, shrubs, and compact equipment, so the towing requirements will vary.

Additionally, the weight of all these items must also match the specs of the truck. It is important to note that the weight that is towed will have a significant bearing on how long the different elements of the truck will last. For instance, the tires, transmission, and engine may give out prematurely if it carries too much weight each time a job is done. Many professionals in this industry will also recommend making sure this estimate is accurate because it will also determine how safe the vehicle is when it is in operation.

Whatever the case, you will need to decide if you need a standard cab size or crew cab. For instance, the standard size cab size seats are meant for at least two to three people, while the crew cab size landscaping trucks are made to fit up to three to four more individuals.

Buying landscape trucks for your business is not always difficult if you have created a customized plan that you can follow. In TruckMax, we have the perfect trained team that will help you with exactly what you need by already knowing what tow weight, fuel efficiency and seating amount you’re looking for.

Now, lets go in depth with our types of landscape trucks, built with selected aluminum, or steel materials. They are built 10-foot up to 16-foot, usually 96-inches wide, and may have canopy or not. Feature that avoids, together with the tarp and its ground level crank, creating garbage dumping while on the road.

Our landscape trucks also feature powerful hoist electric over hydraulic tilters, for a power and fastest 50-degrees dumping; 48-inch sides with wood more important in aluminum bodies, 48-inch rear barn doors, optional side doors, slanted body end, tunnel toolbox and/or side toolboxes, shovel rack, an ICC bumper with receiver hitch and 7-way electric plug and finished with reflective safety tape D.O.T. approved.

We can built our landscape trucks on any new or used chassis from 12,000 lbs GVWR to 19,500 lbs GVWR, form Isuzu Truck, Hino Truck, Fuso Truck, Ford commercial truck, Dodge RAM, etc.

Landscape trucks built tough

Aluminum Dump Trucks

Aluminum truck bodies are a great choice for most industries. Even if aluminum bodies cost more money upfront than a steel alternative, they prove their value with a handful of benefits. Aluminum is lighter and naturally more resistant to corrosion.

In BABCO Truck Bodies division, our truck body fabrication company, we can custom build and install any landscape truck body. We can fabricate or can arrange to have built each body to your specific needs for the highest level of productivity and efficiency for your vehicle. Babco is the South Florida leader for commercial truck body fabrication.

We use the best quality aluminum and steel, the best design, and the strongest welding for all our commercial truck bodies and each truck is carefully crafted by our factory trained and certified technicians.

Steel Dump Trucks

In TruckMax we specialized in meeting our customers needs and one of our goals is to fulfill and customized our customers bodies. That’s why we start with only the highest-grade materials possible.

Our Steel Bodies are built centered around high quality, durable, dependable steel, with the latest in Commercial Body Design and the best fabricators in the business. Because we buy in bulk, we can provide the most cost-efficient bodies available in the Commercial Trucking Industry.

Steel dump truck bodies are utilized in a variety of industries, from lawn care businesses to construction. They serve businesses in a variety of ways, from hauling more material to whatever you may need in your business. The way their built for durability and resistance for having superior performance comes from light duty to heavy ones.

Contact us or visit any of our conveniently located stores to learn more about our landscape trucks.

The New Power of Hino Trucks

The New Power of Hino Trucks USA

Here’s the all new Hino L Series trucks, replacing the previous conventional lineup, now known as the L6 and L7. You’ll immediately see the new exterior design including a bolder front fascia and optional LED headlights.

 Open the door and you’ll be greeted with a re-engineered interior with high-end automotive grade finishes. It was built with commercial use durability and an eye towards increased functionality. A new steering wheel controls, and a large 7” LCD multi-information display. Also, more storage and increased leg room, safer and more comfortable.

 Speaking of safety, the new Hino L Series has integrated an entire suite of new safety systems. This ensure you and your cargo get where they need to be quickly and safely.

 The new L series is maximizing your business’s functionality with new wheelbase options, extended cab and crew cab configurations. No matter what your business needs, there’s a Hino L Series there to help you do more.

Proven Reliability

With nearly 40 years in production, the Cummins B6.7 TM is already the proven champion of medium duty fleet reliability.

 The EPA 2021 B6.7 builds on this legacy of reliability and durability while lowering the total cost of operation. It help to keep trucks on the road longer. New for EPA 2021, the B6.7 features upgrades that allow for extended engine maintenance intervals. Including longer oil drain intervals, more time between fuel filter changes and a completely maintenance free crankcase ventilation filter.

Driveline Components You can Trust.

Proven US made driveline components on a standard 34” frame powered by Cummins. Marry the efficiency, and durability of the Cummins engine to a first class selection of industry proven drivetrain components. Then, attach everything to an ultra clean, solid frame. The result? Great performance from components you know and trust.

Contact us to learn more about this new line of commercial trucks. With the most powerful, trusted and proven components in the US market.